Estate Property Services is here to help you!

Based in Port Macquarie and servicing the Mid North Coast of NSW

Living Estates – We provide practical support & help for seniors downsizing &/or decluttering when preparing to move into retirement accommodation or aged care facilities.   Specialising in Sorting/Packing/Tidying/Cleaning of your possessions & property.

Deceased Estates – Helping families dealing with the emotion & stress of sorting through deceased estates.  We’ll do what you don’t want to do OR don’t have time to!

  Do you, a friend or family member need help sorting through your home and possessions?

  How do you decide what to take and what to leave when downsizing?What do you do with all the things that aren’t being taken?

 Are you preparing to sell your home and need help?
We can help get your property organised, inside and out?

Are you responsible for sorting out a friend or relative’s home and  possessions?  Do you live outside the NSW Mid North Coast and don’t have time to travel back & forth to do what needs to be done?

Do you need help finding important or legal documents in a property with an excessive amount of possessions?

Do you need help to  SORT / PACK / TIDY / CLEAN  ?

You saved us a lot of worry

Professional Membership:

Institute of Professional Organisers (2018)

WHAT do we do

Estate Property Services

  • Sort & Pack contents of home
  • Tidy lawns and gardens
  • Clean house

Whether it’s the family home, a unit, villa, or a room in a nursing home Estate Property Services can provide time saving assistance in sorting through the property.

We will pack up as much or as little as you want to keep, then sort through and make arrangements for all that is left to either sell/donate/recycle/dispose, then tidy and clean the property.

More Details:

  • Sort through possessions packing everything you wish to keep.
    In communication with you, we will:
    – sort through what you want to keep and what you don’t
    – for Deceased Estates, we will pack up what is being kept and if needed make arrangements for these items to be sent to you.
    – for your own home, we will help you organise what is being kept.
  • Sell, donate, recycle or dispose unwanted items.  For those things you don’t wish to keep there are different options:   SellDonate, Recycle or Dispose.
    While the main aim is to have nothing left at the end, we will endeavour to throw out as little as possible.  Making the most of on-line selling & garage sale (where premises permit), plus working with local charitable organisations & second-hand dealers so your unwanted items can be valued, used and appreciated by others.
  • Stage home (optional)  If selling the property is your plan, then we can either empty the home and present it clean & tidy.  Or if you would prefer we can style the home in a simple & uncluttered manner using existing furniture and fittings.  Then work with your chosen real estate agent if required.
  • Ongoing maintenance (optional)  While the home is on the market we can either maintain the lawns/gardens for you or provide a list of local lawn care companies to choose from.
  • Anything else?  Is there anything else you need help with while settling your relative’s property, all you have to do is ask and we’ll see what we can do.

WHO are we

Estate Property Services is Debbie & Ian Lowth.

Entrusting us to help out at this emotional time of change in your life will mean working with a business with integrity, honesty, reliability and respect.

Over the last 30 years of marriage we have moved a number of times, so we are experienced at packing up houses.  We also have many years experience in property maintenance.

Personally, we know what it is like to sort through a parent’s possessions after they have moved into a nursing home and then passed away.  We know that this process of sorting through a lifetime of possessions and memories, and deciding what to do with it all can be stressful, emotional and difficult.

Add to this, the complication of not living in the area.  Trying to find the time in your busy schedule to travel (some times many hours) to deal with the family estate is hard
– this is where we come in…

You let us know exactly what you need done, and we will get it done for you.

Email or call us to discuss what you need us to do to help.


We have had the privilege of helping many people since we started our business in 2017.  Here are some of the many encouraging & grateful comments we have received from our clients…

from Fiona Campbell

“The services provided by Debbie & Ian were outstanding and we would recommend them without hesitation!
Where does one start when in the position of needing to sort through a loved family member’s accumulation of possessions gathered over a lifetime, an overwhelming and daunting task, complicated further as we live interstate.
Building a rapport with Debbie & Ian from the first meeting was easy as negotiations were conducted with care, sensitivity, respect and dignity,
values which clearly followed through to every aspect of the estate clearance process including dealings with those they came into contact with and the coordination of redistributing our loved family member’s possessions.
Regular updates via phone and email were invaluable in managing the process from interstate and possessions were sold or redistributed ethically and creatively with the aim to throw away as little as possible.
We found Debbie & Ian to be extremely trustworthy and their services are of exceptional value. The catch cry from my family when there is mention of sorting, downsizing or estate clearance will be “You need a Debbie and Ian!”
We cannot thank Debbie & Ian enough and they’re worth their weight in gold.”

from Doris and John Pearson

“We recently moved from NSW to Tasmania.  Debbie & Ian were invaluable when it came to sorting & packing our home.  They were friendly, very efficient and we would recommend their assistance to anyone thinking of moving.”

from Geoff and Anne Emms

“Estate Property Services, Debbie & Ian, provided an excellent service for us in clearing out and organising the living, and onto deceased, estate for our sister and sister-in-law.  What commenced as removing her surplus possessions after her move from her retirement villa into residential care, moved onto clearing out her residential care room and her retirement villa after her death.
Ian and Debbie were excellent in dealing with the rapidly changing situation, and ensuring possessions were quickly and securely managed.  None of the immediate family were in the area so this was of tremendous support.
We were really impressed with the way they arranged for possessions to be recycled, sold where possible, or donated to charity where applicable.  Dealing with medical equipment for us was also extremely helpful.
Thank you for your excellent and thoughtful support in what is a trying time for all.  We would highly recommend this service.”

from Tony and Kathy Ivits

“Thank you again for your hard work and diligence.  You are very well organised and very honest.”

from John Prosser

I employed Estate Property Services to prepare my Aunt’s home for sale.  She was a lifelong hoarder and absolutely filled her two-storey house with 90years of accumulating, the quantity of things was overwhelming.  Ian and Debbie tackled the enormous task in hand very professionally.  They communicated with me throughout the assignment with ongoing advice on costs and details that required consideration.  They completed the whole undertaking within the agreed timeframe and very much to my total satisfaction.  They were cost effective and provided a report indicating what had been achieved.  I cannot recommend Estate Property Services more highly.


We are a mobile business who  travel around the NSW Mid North Coast to SORT   PACK   TIDY   &   CLEAN  homes.


Debbie and Ian Lowth

Ph:  0477 93 96 99

Em:  help@estatepropertyservices.com.au

PO Box 902
Port Macquarie   NSW   2444

ABN: 29584714909