WHAT do we do

Estate Property Services

The reasons many of our clients contact us is varied, one common thread is emotion:
Moving  can be a stressful process,
–  whether it is by choice or for unexpected reasons,
–  how do you decided what to take and not take?
–  what do you do with everything that isn’t going with you?
Or the sadness of losing a family member or friend
–  being overwhelmed with the task of sorting through
possessions and property
–  the volume of decisions that need to be make.

Whether it’s the family home, a unit, villa, or a room in a nursing home Estate Property Services is experienced and can provide expert advice with time saving assistance in sorting through the property.

More Details:

  • Moving into retirement accommodation – we will work with you to sort through possessions, helping you with downsizing decisions, sorting through what you want to keep and what you don’t.  We can even sit down with you and your new floor plan and work with you to decide what will fit and where it can go, making it easier to decide what to take or not take.
  • Deceased Estates,  in communication with you, we will sort through possessions, locating items being bequeathed , looking for important documents, we can pack up what is being kept and if needed make arrangements for these items to be sent to you.
  • Sell, donate, recycle or dispose unwanted items.  For those things you don’t wish to keep there are different options:   SellDonate, Recycle or Dispose.
    While the main aim is to have nothing left at the end, we will endeavour to throw out as little as possible.  Making the most of on-line selling & garage sale (where premises permit), plus working with local charitable organisations & second-hand dealers so your unwanted items can be valued, used and appreciated by others.
  • Stage home (optional)  If selling the property is your plan, then we can either empty the home to present it clean & tidy.  Or if you would prefer we can style the home in a simple & uncluttered manner using existing furniture and fittings.  Then work with your chosen real estate agent if required.
  • Ongoing maintenance (optional)  While the home is on the market we can either maintain the lawns/gardens for you or provide a list of local lawn care companies to choose from.
  • Anything else?  Is there anything else you need help with while settling your relative’s property, all you have to do is ask and we’ll see what we can do.